How to Make Money On WhatsAround App: Turning Profit With Social Networking

Decentralization driven by the blockchain technology seems to have found its way to various use cases, entering tech and fintech industry, automotive industry, cloud computing, finances, IT, data, and much more; so it has found its way to one of the most established aspects of an average day of an average person: social media.

Social media networking represents a flattering sum of 200 billion dollars in the total market cap of the industry with millions of people spending hours of their free time scrolling through the news feed, liking, sharing, posting, commenting and getting into the widespread online social interaction.

The latest case of Mark Zuckerberg fiasco where it was proven that the founder of one of the most popular and largest social media networks is selling personal information of registered users to third parties showed us that we might not be that safe within centralized ecosystem that social networks currently represent, but blockchain technology enabled the needed changes.

That is how WhatsAround social network was born and with it a completely decentralized ecosystem that allows you to use a smooth and sleek WhatsAround app in order to connect with people around the globe and tell your story through posting pictures, memes, and images.

WhatsAround app also allows you to earn money while you are being socially active – here is how.

How to Earn Money With WhatsAround App?

WhatsAround is a completely decentralized network that exists on the blockchain, allowing for a fully decentralized experience when it comes to social networking, without the danger that a third party would be able to steal your valuable information.

While you can also earn money on traditionally known centralized social media platforms, the concept of turning profit this way depends on the number of followers you have as well as demanding a solid strategy for your social exposure, so there can be a long way in front of you before you are able to earn your first profit with Instagram for instance.

WhatsAround works similarly to Instagram by allowing you to post your photos, share, and comment and like the photos of your friends and family. The difference is that the neat and sleek WhatsAround app allows you to earn money regardless of the number of your followers, solely based on your social activities.

With each like, comment, post or share you are eligible for earning Shot points that can be later exchanged for different gift cards and even PayPal cash.

As an early adopter of the new decentralized social network model, you can start earning by simply registering and downloading the app, where you will get 10$ simply for verifying your account.

Once you collect enough points, while you are allowed to earn Shot points on daily basis and earn the unlimited amount of WhatsAround credit, you can then cash them out by exchanging your points for Starbucks gift card, Amazon Gift Card, PayPal cash, cash is your points at different app stores including Playstore, or use the coins across supported shops.

You can simply start by registering and verifying your account on WhatsAround and start enjoying the democratized and safe way of being socially active through the security of blockchain.

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