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Block.one, the inventor of EOS has recently released a Game-Based tutorial called Elementary Battles for developers and newbies to adopt EOSIO blockchain with much ease.

Head of Block.one Developer Relations, Serg Metelin stated while announcing: “As blockchain is becoming more popular, there is also increased interest from developers to learn how to use the technology.”

The game is based on 8 lessons of blockchain development tutorial also and fully operational demo card game.

The idea behind this game tutorial is to encourage more people to join the blockchain community. While following this game tutorial, users will go step-by-step and cover the basics of blockchain application development. This easy and user-friendly game tutorial opens up the path for newbies who have an interest in making their own blockchain applications.

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According to officials, any person with having basic knowledge of Javascript and C++ can play Elementary Battles with the purpose of making their own blockchain app.

Serg Metelin further added that:

“Much of the world’s existing digital infrastructure is based on C++ and JavaScript, and our tutorial is an entry point to blockchain and EOSIO for this community of developers. The objective of Elemental Battles is to enable these individuals to gain knowledge and skill in this area through a user-friendly interface,”

Elementary Battles

The background of the game is based on a fantasy world where users have to compete against a computer opponent while making use of three ancient elements of nature: Fire, Wood, and Water. During each turn, users have to select the appropriate card that “beats” the card of the computer.

While playing the game, users will learn how to set up development environment, the fundamentals of EOSIO Smart Contract, game logic validation, writing AI code, and use of pre-designed graphical assets required for the game.

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