Ethereum Prediction Today: Will Ethereum Come Back?

The report titled “Cryptoasset Market Coverage: Valuation” was prepared by Satis Group, an ICO and Cryptocurrency advisory firm.

According to the report, Bitcoin prices will approach $33,000 in 2019. The trend will see it reach $72,000 in 3 years, and a staggering $144,000 in 10 years. Still on a long-term outlook, Monero [XMR] and Dash [DASH] were tipped to see 38,000% and 1,459% gains in 10 years from now.

Ethereum on the losing side, long-term

But the optimistic looking report wouldn’t bring any hope to Ether supporters. Ether [ETH] was listed alongside Bitcoin cash [BCH], Ripple [XRP], and EOS [EOS] as cryptocurrencies that will decline in the next 10 years. Satis explains that application-specific blockchain networks like Ethereum and EOS don’t hold much value in their present form, and will struggle against government regulations and user interphase.

Bobby Ullery

The first prediction I wanted to talk to you about was released by an online analyst called Bobby Ullery. The model that Ullery uses is based on the global economy and the assumption that blockchain technology will play a much bigger role in international trade.
According to the analyst, Bitcoin and Ethereum will each hold 25% of the entire cryptocurrency industry, which he predicts will have a total market capitalization of $4.5 trillion in 2020.
Market capitalization is used to calculate the total value of a cryptocurrency, much in the same way as real-world companies are valued. It is achieved by multiplying the current market price of a coin by the total amount of coins in circulation. For example, if the value of the coin was worth $20 and there were 10 million coins in circulation, then the total market capitalization would be $200 million.

Now, in the case of Ethereum, although there is no fixed supply, Ullery uses a total coin circulation of 100 million as this is what Vitalik Buterin has suggested will happen.

So, considering all of the above, this particular Ethereum price prediction 2020 believes that Ethereum will be worth $11,375. This would give Ethereum a total market capitalization of over $1 trillion! So, is this possible?
For Ullery’s Ethereum price prediction 2020 to come true, it would need to increase its all-time high of just over $1300, by 775%. This actually isn’t an unrealistic prediction when you consider that Ethereum increased its price by 10,000% in 2017! But what do you think?

Where Will ETH Be in 12 Months?

“ETH soared from about $10 to $1,000 in just 12 months. Anytime something goes up in value that much, it almost always comes crashing down hard. And usually, that drop creates a great buying opportunity. The best example I have is Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) back in 2012 when it fell 75% in six months. We all see how that story has played out.

With that said, there is a lot of junk on the Ethereum network, but there are some really great applications too. If anything, this drop will eliminate much of the network’s junk, and Ethereum should come back much stronger and faster in response. In other words, I consider ETH one of if not the greatest investment opportunity that can be purchased right now among stocks and cryptocurrencies.”

-Brian Nichols

“The short-term pain is scary and the price may go even lower, but this is not an entirely dissimilar situation to what Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced in the past. Ethereum (ETH) selling for 1200-1400 USD or more in 12 months is entirely realistic. There is a lot of FUD surrounding the asset right now, but at the same time institutional and developer interest is at an all-time high and this will get investors bidding higher sooner or later.”

-Stiles Fifield

“Ethereum (ETH) has lost a significant amount of value against the USD since the beginning of the year. A consistent fall in price puts the crypto at a very high disadvantage as compared to those who seek to overtake its reign. In the next few months, it’s my belief that the crypto will resurrect from its falls to its previous price last year before ending and probably beat it to gain a higher price.”
-Philip Opata

“Over the next year, I think we’ll see Bitcoin (BTC) continue to move in a tight range, which is good news for Ethereum (ETH). I’d expect other projects like Ethereum (ETH) to gain steam and more money will flow to that space as projects continue to be built on the Ethereum (ETH) platform. More applications and smart contracts could push Ethereum (ETH) back to $600 by mid-2019. The interest in Etherum (ETH) by big companies, Fortune 500 companies, makes the Ethereum (ETH) platform and crypto promising, adding further validation.”
-Marshall Hargrave

“The question everyone who holds ETH needs to ask is “am I a value investor or a price speculator?” Either position is fine, as long as you remember which one you held when you bought your first position in ETH. If you bought it as a spec venture to see it double, triple or more than the heaving up and down in price must be what you prepared yourself. If you bought it because you saw the value that the ETH network was going to bring to the community then the price does not matter, you’ll keep holding because you want to see the value come to fruition which you believed there to have been at the start.

But, if you’re double-guessing yourself, if you’re losing sleep, if you’re afraid to talk about your so far virtual losses, then be honest with yourself and admit you were a crypto gambler from the very start. It will make no difference what the market does, your emotions will be at its mercy because you did not establish clear boundaries to cut your losses when your investment/speculation did not play in the time frame you gave it.

Take a deep breath, and decide why you’re holding ETH and if that reason is still valid for you.”
-Crypto Jacyna

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