Ethereum (ETH) Foundation grants TrueBlocks $120,000

TrueBlocks, a Philly data-transparency startup, recently received a grant from the Ethereum (ETH) Foundation Grant Team. The startup received this grant in order to enable them continue working towards a fully-decentralized means of accessing data from any Ethereum address. For the next six months, the fund provided by the Foundation will oversee the project.

TrueBlocks is focused at creating a transparent future.

TrueBlocks founder, Thomas Jay Rush, anticipates a world where transparency rules. He sees this as a future possibility to the point whereby a company’s accounts, in real time, can be checked by anyone. Mr Rush revealed that he is strongly interested in what it entails to attain such level of transparency and wishes they can make that possible.

Now, Ethereum blockchain meetups are being organized by Mr Rush. He said, he’s in love with data produced by the blockchain. He also revealed that he fell in love with the idea of a system which will make it possible for them to create solutions to problems that normally they won’t be able to solve on their own.

What TrueBlock Does

The functions of TrueBlock can be classified somewhere between a research project and a traditional business model. Concerning the motivation for the firm’s creation, he said: “I’m just trying to understand what you’d need to do get data to as many people as possible without extracting privacy.”

Rush to solve this issue, has teamed up with Edward Mazurek (an engineer), to offer developers, open source software libraries. They will also be offering consumers monitoring, accounting and auditing solutions.

It feels so good to see such a promising project with focus on both privacy and transparency. However, it’s hard to tell if the firm will achieve its future goal. If successful, data accessibility in the blockchain space will be greatly enhanced.

Up-and-Coming Startups and Developers receives support from Ethereum Foundation

The Ethereum Foundation is focused at enhancing its blockchain. The Foundation hopes to achieve this by giving organizations and individuals trying to develop the Ethereum blockchain, the necessary support. Through its Grant Team, the Foundation is reaching out to these developers.

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Some months back, the Ethereum Foundation gave grants of about $11 million to organizations and developers striving hard to improve the blockchain. Just recently, the Foundation gave out its fourth wave of grant; they funded 20 organizations and individuals with about $4 million. TrueBlocks happened to benefit from this grant, receiving $120,000 from the Foundation.

Currently, Ethereum (ETH) is valued at $203 after decreasing over the past 24 hours by 1.22%. Currently, it has a market cap of $21.01 billion and over the past 24 hours, has a trading volume $1.31 billion.




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