TRON (TRX) Long Term Price Prediction: What Realistic Crypto Analysts Have to Say About The Future Forecast Of TRX

TRON (TRX) is easily one of the most recognizable currencies in the crypto market, partially due to the social involvement of TRON’s founder and CEO, Justin Sun, who is a rather active member on social networks like Twitter.

Moreover, TRON, previously hosted on Ethereum blockchain, is now challenging ETH network with the recently launched TRON Virtual Machine, while promoting Dapp development with TRON. Alongside with working on Project Atlas that should utilize the power of previously acquired data sharing service, BitTorrent, TRX has seen an increased momentum due to its Independence Day declaration back in June when the team launched their own mainnet.

TRON is currently being traded at the price of 0.024$ with the latest decline of over -2%, but here is what some crypto analysts have to say regarding the price of TRON during the next 5 years.

Realistic tron price prediction

TRON (TRX) to Reach 0.40$ by the End of 2019 and 4$ by the End of 2023

According to one of the analysts from the cryptocurrency space, Ken Peterson, TRON might achieve the value of 0.40$ this year.

In addition, he believes that TRX will achieve the value of solid 4$ per one unit in the course of the next 5 years, considering that the value of TRON will gradually rise with the increased adoption of TRX as well as the increased utilization of projects the foundation is working on.

Given the fact that TRON foundation is working on creating the first Decentralized Web, otherwise known as Web 3.0, the potential of reaching these predicted prices is surely present.

The initial long-term price prediction for TRON in the period of the next 5 years forecasted by a cryptoanalyst known as Crypto Squared, says TRX will reach 0.5$ per one unit very soon, which might be a more realistic outcome for a currency with an all-time high of 0.025$, given the fact that it lost around -90% of its total value since making it to its record value.

In the long run, Crypto Squared says that TRX will reach 3$ by the end of 2023, taking into consideration major projects that the foundation is working on, which should, in the long run, increase the value of this asset. TRON is still at the first stage of its development in accordance with its roadmap, so it yet remains to be seen what this crypto is capable of.

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