Reddit Founding Partner said: This Year Ethereum Will Be $15,000

Alexis Ohanian , Reddit’s founding partner, commented that the price of Ethereum will rise to $15,000 in 2018. This would float the value of the currency to trillions of dollars, and take the world’s largest cryptocurrency title from BitCoin .

Ohanian is currently working full-time in Initialized Capital, a venture capital firm that he started as one of the founding partners in 2012 . He shared this prediction about the rise of Ethereum during an interview with Fortune. He continued that this Project has more potential in the long run compared to any other currencies on the market.

According to Ohanian’s predictions, Bitcoin will recover itself and rise to its highest level of all times in December, bringing the market value upto 340 billion dollars, Etherereum, on the other hand, needs to jump from a value of 67 billion dollars to a value of 1.5 trillion dollars in a short period of only 7 months .

In one part of the interview, his company Initialized, which has already invested in the industry of cryptocurrency, Coinbase, decided to make investments related to blockchain in line with its objectives for 2018, and stated that this technology constitutes the infrastructure of the era that we call the “new internet” age.

Ohanian stated: “Last year, it was all about AI and machine learning, This year, it’s all about blockchain. Most of it is just hype and BS, just like how it was with AI and ML.” He continued: “Most of the really vital, protocol-level, basic infrastructure around software and blockchain will need to get built in the next year or two for us to really see the Web 3.0 we’re really hoping for.”

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