Electroneum’s Price Predictions: How will it Fare in the Short and Long-Term?

Electroneum, abbreviated ETN, is known as a mobile cryptocurrency that is minable and offers a wallet for smartphones. Its developers designed it with simplicity in mind, a perfect setting for mobile users. The Electroneum ICO start date was on September 14, 2017, and the process ended with resounding success. It is now a member of the top 100 digital tokens.

Mining, obtaining, holding or buying cryptocurrency can be a somewhat complicated process depending on the platform. However, Electroneum was created with the intention of providing ordinary, non-experts in technical aspects related to the industry with the opportunity to enjoy the crypto phenomenon. The wallet functions are very straightforward in both the iOS and Android versions.

The ETN is the associated token. It can be mined through smartphones. Although the ICO was productive, Electroneum suffered its first collapse in November 2017 after a hacking attack that prompted the price to go from $0.23 to $0.06. However, the platform showed its worth with its 122% value gain in less than three months, from November 2017 to January 2018.

As it has happened with most digital assets from January to this point, ETN price has gone down considerably, and it is now trading at $0,017260. Is there any hope for the future regarding a value increase?

Electroneum price prediction for 2018

John McAfee, the well-known crypto market influencer, recently tweeted his take on Electroneum and its future potential in a very positive message. He states that it is sure to regain value because of its ease of use, privacy benefits, and massive community.

However, the specialized site Wallet Investor is very harsh in its analysis of the short and medium-term future of the Electroneum cryptocurrency. It says that investing in ETN represents a high-risk proposition, with its prediction for the rest of the year positioning the token all the way down to $0.00!

The page uslifed.com is much more optimistic about ETN outlook than Wallet Investor. Basing on technology, performance, and market trends, the site has the token being valued at $0.44 in December of the current year.

Electroneum price prediction for the long-term

It is not easy to try and project what a specific cryptocurrency will look like more than two years down the road. However, the site Coinliker.com takes a chance at assessing the future value of ETN in 2023. They say that the token will cost $2.44 by that time, making a $200 investment now would mean that it could grow to $23,000 five years from now.

The uslifed.com platform projects ETN to be worth something in the neighborhood of $0.812 at the beginning of 2020 and $1.10 by the end of that year, a 500% growth over today’s value.

In conclusion, despite some criticism and negative projections in specialized sites, most of the industry thinks that Electroneum’s massive community, technical advantages, and easy-to-use platform make for enticing traits that will attract investors and keep the token’s value growing.

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Ali Raza is finance editor at TheOofy. He is a journalist with experience in web journalism and digital marketing. Ali holds a master degree in finance and enjoys writing about cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies, and technology.