ETC Has One of the Strongest Teams Behind It—Zach Belford says

For any digital asset to acquire success, it must have a strong team behind it, which is critical to its long-term progress. Regardless of how good a crypto project may look, the team must be strong for it to realize a proper execution and long-term market survival.

Cardano is an example of a cryptocurrency project that has maintained its position in the market because of a strong team behind it. If it had a weaker team, the cryptocurrency could not have survived to date. With strong influencers such as Charles Hoskinson, Cardano has been able to hit milestones albeit it’s still work under progress.

The team behind Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is another cryptocurrency with a strong team behind it. This could spell a good chance of success for the cryptocurrency. The engineers behind ETC are only comparable to those behind Bitcoin core (BTC). This is according to Zach Belford, the co-lead developer for Emerald.

Belford opines that IoT and Dapp’s developers can work efficiently without worrying about the state of the blockchain. The following tweet confirmed his opinion concerning the state of the ETC developer team.

Charles Hoskinson and IOHK Team

Someone may brush off Belford’s statement as biased since he has stake in Ethereum Classic. Even so, it’s true that ETC boasts one of the strongest blockchain development teams in the crypto space. The presence of IOHK team and Charles Hoskinson playing an integral part in its development can attest to this. Hoskinson, in his own merit, is a crypto influencer and one of the smartest brains in the crypto space.

With a wealth of experience, skills, and expertise that dates back to the early days of Bitcoin, he has what it takes to propel ETC to greater heights of development.

His active involvement in ETC’s development boosts the confidence of developers, especially when they create IoT applications and Dapps on the ETC blockchain. Eventually, this will increase the number of developers that seek opportunities on the ETC blockchain and boost its long-term stability.

What’s in it for investors?

If you are an investor eying the Ethereum Classic blockchain, you can rely on its core team, which provides the reason for a good future. This is because platform blockchains derive their value from the number of applications they host. With this in mind, the value of ETC blockchain is set to rise in due course owing to its ability to attract many applications. The ETC platform already hosts a good number of Dapp’s developers and many more are expected to come. Once more developers join the blockchain, its value will shoot exponentially over time.

Final thoughts

To crown it, Ethereum Classic has a strong community behind it. A strong community improves awareness, which is required for long-term stability. With all factors considered, the Ethereum Classic blockchain is set to grow with time, and the cryptocurrency has high chances of hitting $50 or more when the market turns green again.

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