Ox Coin News: Could the Bear be Tamed by an OX?

The Ox Coin is now listed to buy, sell, receive, and send from the Coinbase wallet. The listing makes it is the first ERC-20 coin to be supplied and stored in an Ethereum wallet. As reported earlier by TheOofy.com last week, the listing comes after traders found new tax amendments in an updated tools section of the Coinbase platform.

Early on, Coinbase raised issues concerning the technical limitation it must overcome to effectively integrate additional coins on its website. The listing of Ox would have necessitated a build on top of the available Ethereum wallet to include a layer of ERC-20 coins. With the extra layer now in place, it is easier than ever to add more coins held on this standard.

How Ox Listing Influenced the Prices of Other ERC-20 Tokens

Ox was not the only token to gain in value in the last two weeks, the Basic Attention Token (BAT), also experienced double-digit profits on the same day Ox was added to the Coinbase Wallet. BAT is executed through the Brave internet browser.

The Brave internet browser is the best browser for most crypto users because of its in-built privacy and support services, which integrate well with many dApps being created. The popularity of Brave is difficult to track since Brave camouflages like Chrome and, hence, does not appear. But, they claim to have over 1.4m active users. If BAT were to be the next listing, it should ‘plug’ into the Coinbase website just like the Ox listing.

Is it Time for Another Bear Market?

From a TA viewpoint, Ox is the only large-cap altcoins to break out of the resistance zone with a falling retest occurring in the first week of this month. Indeed, it is still too early to label this token as the catalyst for the next bear market. However, 20 million individuals owning a new coin to purchase may feel an entitlement of having a punt on a couple of ZRX- even though they may lack a clear idea of the project.

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