Decentralized Social Networks List: Socializing Through Blockchain Technology -WhatsAround, Diaspora, Minds, Sola

The blockchain industry is blooming despite the negative market trends that seem to have marked the year of 2018.

And with the blooming industry, there come many different use cases, which is exactly how blockchain and decentralization found their way to social networking.

Every day millions of people browse through their news feed on Facebook, or like, comment, tweet or share across the internet, spending hours on different social media platforms on daily basis.

However, recollecting facts about Facebook fiasco regarding selling personal data to third-party companies does really make you wonder are you safe while networking and socially interacting online through your favorite social media.

Blockchain has the answer that comes with the ultimate protection of your data and privacy, so here is a list of decentralized social networks that you might be interested in.

Decentralized Social Networks

WhatsAround Social Network: Earn While You are Connecting

WhatsAround social network allows you to earn while you share, comment, or like your friends’ and family’s posts.

WhatsAround works just like Instagram, which means that you can share media like pictures, images, photos, or memes with your followers and also browse through their posts.

While being socially active in any way on this decentralized social network, you will be earning points which could bring you to PayPal credit, Amazon gift card, Starbucks gift card, and more.

Since WhatsAround runs on the blockchain, your personal data is safe and encrypted.

Diaspora Social Network: Your Decentralized Alternative to Twitter

Diaspora works on multiple independent but interconnected nodes that allow the hosting of this social network.

Diaspora doesn’t believe in advertising on social media, so you won’t be bothered by ads, and your data won’t be stolen as you are the only one retaining the rights to your own data.

Diaspora works much like Twitter, so you can publish posts with using tags.

Mind Social Network: Everything You Need from a Social Network in One Place

Mind is said to be one of the fastest growing decentralized social networks, already counting 2 million users. Mind works like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter altogether, so you can post all types of media on this platform.

While your privacy is fully protected via blockchain, Mid allows you to monetize your connect and earn from advertisers in form of peer-to-peer “business”, so you can be paid in different payment methods, which also includes Bitcoin.

Sola Social Network: AI and Social Networking Interconnected

Sola is said to be the first of its kind, leading to the next generation of social networks. This is the case because this social network doesn’t actually use the well-known concept of followers, but offers content with help of AI.

Already counting more than 700,000 users Sola can be compared to Stumble Upon, which was a centralized social network with a similar concept that died out after years of functioning during 2018.

Sola protects your data and privacy while offering content through AI based on your interests. Sola also offers a way to earn through social networking. This is how you can earn rewards for offering your computer as a node that supports Sola network.

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