Tron hits new transaction record

Tron [TRX] seems to be putting in great efforts to beat the bearish market slump with some announcements made by the Tron Foundation and Justin Sun (Tron’s CEO and founder).

Tron recently revealed that it had reached a new record of 901,408 transaction count. This new development is coming when Tron, last week crossed the 500,000 barrier even surpassing Ethereum’s daily count. Previously, Tron had performed better than Ethereum with substantial 33,563 transactions made. Justin Sun even tweeted that: “It is the first time that #TRON has surpassed #Ethereum in daily transaction. #TRX 599354 vs. #ETH 565791 in October 18th. It’s just the beginning! $TRX”

TRON (TRX) Price Today – TRX / USD
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Also, in order to hasten mainstream adoption, Tron has been testing the financial ecosystem with the Foundation’s most recent announcement stating that Cal Hacks 5.0 is being sponsored by Tron. Cal Hacks 5.0 is the largest collegiate hackathon in the world, based out of University of California Berkley. The cryptosphere has also experienced a shift of crypto companies into institutional establishments like Yale and Berkley.

Justin Sun was also happy that Tron, according to a CoinTrendz survey, was Twitter’s most mentioned cryptocurrency. In addition, TRX beat Bitcoin to become the market’s most popular cryptocurrency. Tron was also given a boost when Changpeng Zhao (Binance’s CEO) heaped praises on Justin Sun and his team for donating to the Binance Charity Foundation [BCF], a sum of $3 million. Zhao had said: “Moving money to deal with social problems is also another way to increase adoption. The sheer number of people who have donated to the BCF is also amazing, and I would like to thank Justin Sun who donated $3 million to this cause.”

Despite drop experienced in 2018, Tron Community excited over TRX Coin Price Potential

Since the start of 2018, virtual currencies and the crypto market have been in a bear trend. However, crypto enthusiasts are set to enter as soon as the market is dominated by the bulls. However, the Tron community panicked when they discovered that the price support of Tron had been broken multiple times. Though, in terms of transaction and performance the network showed very promising digits, enthusiasts still decided to give their negative comments on the matter.

A good number of Tron users on Twitter have been complaining about the situation and spreading FUD – Something bad for the whole crypto environment. However, Tron Foundation’s CEO and founder Justin Sun has been working with the Binance Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF), where he donated a sum of $3 million to the project.

CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao explained that adoption is increased when money is moved to solve social problems. Asides Justin Sun, some other crypto enthusiasts and companies had already donated to the BCF.

Justin Sun, is always tweeting about the progress of Tron and the different initiatives which he and the Tron Foundation are involved in. The launch of Tron’s mainnet is yet to clock four months and has not faced problems which other networks like EOS faced.


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