The List of Some of the Most Popular Cryptocurrency Mining Companies

Mining is in many ways a great part of the blockchain space. With the rise of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency mining also appeared as one of the most progressive “branches” of the blockchain industry.

Miners across the globe are spinning millions and millions of dollars with mining different cryptocurrencies and earning profit through solving complicated equations which demand high energy consumption (in the case with Bitcoin mining) in some cases, while each miner has to solve the equation in order to create a new block.

Once the new block is created, the miner who solved the equation gets rewarded in form of cryptocurrency.

In case there are more miners working on the same equation, the job gets easier, so there are a group of miners working in environments that are called mining pools.

Such mining pools are able to create new blocks at less time while making the equation easier to solve.

Thus, mining through pools is catching on, consequently leading to the development of cryptocurrency mining companies.

So, here are some of the most popular cryptocurrency mining companies.

CoinMiner Crypto Mining Company

CoinMiner is a cryptocurrency mining company that among services of crypto mining also offers equipment for mining of different cryptocurrencies.

This company is said to be into internet commerce mining sales and is able to set up companies as well as individuals through its crypto mining services.

IQ Mining Cryptocurrency Mining Company

IQ Mining is a crypto mining company that has found for a solution that enables less energy consumption when mining through pools within the company’s services.

The company is set up to draw hashing power from several data centers across the globe, which allows it to spend energy cleverly, making mining more efficient and less expensive.

Bitforx Cryptocurrency Mining Company

Bitforx mining company is actually focused on mining Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining is said to be very expensive in terms of energy consumption, which consequently explains the large mining fees for BTC transactions.

However, this cryptocurrency mining company is said to be one of the safest mining companies for BTC mining.

Bitforx represents a cloud-based mining server and holds large hashing power for the mining of Bitcoin.

Genesis Mining Bitcoin Mining Company

Mush like Bitforx, Genesis is a crypto mining company specialized in the mining of Bitcoin currency.

Genesis was founded back in 2014 and has survived the test of time probably due to the high level of transparency and a solid good support for customers in form of their customer service.

The location of the company enables for highly efficient mining, while the company named Spondoolies, which is into manufacturing of mining equipment for cryptocurrencies is collaborating with Genesis Mining.

Through this collaboration, the company has set up different mining devices on various locations that are said to be most suitable for cost-effective and efficient mining of the largest cryptocurrency in the market, Bitcoin.

Besides from some of the top cryptocurrency mining companies that we have listed, there are dozens of companies offering mining services for various networks as a part of a growing industry that blockchain represents. Keywords: genesis mining, cloud mining, bitcoin cloud mining, genesis mining review, genesis mining calculator, free bitcoin mining sites, bitcoin mining price, bitcoin mining registration

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