NEO Blockchain Hackathon to Take Place in Zurich, Switzerland

The NEO Blockchain Hackathon is a competition designed for the NEO community to help it get better. The event will also be a get-together to engage with like-minded individuals and draw solutions that could help improve NEO’s community. Participants will fall into several small teams, with each team having 32 hours to innovate, design, and develop their projects in line with the selected theme.

The organizers of the event wish as many people as possible in the NEO community to try their hand in this event. Targeted participants include seasoned developers, UI/UX designers, and avid NEO investors. Interestingly, the competition is friendly and gives the participants an opportunity to win some NEO. Participants will also get free NEO t-shirts and access to catering services.

The bounty program

The organizers have extended coding subjects, in order to encourage more people especially students, to actively join the Hackathon.

  • NEO Enhancement Proposals (NEP)
  • NEO 3.0
  • NEO smart contract system
  • Community development of NEO in Switzerland

Every participant will be awarded at least 10 GAS, and there is no limit for the award. The event is scheduled to take place in Zurich, Switzerland between November 3 and 4, 2018.

Hackathon Awards

  • First Prize will receive 500 NEO award (1 team)
  • Second Prize will receive 450 NEO award (1 team)
  • Third Prize will receive 300 GAS award (3 teams)
  • Mystery Prize—this will depend on the submitted work

For detailed rules regarding the Hackathon, you can visit here.

The organizers and/or professionals commissioned by the organizers of the event will be taking photographs or recording videos that may be shared to the public. Those who wish to keep their privacy should inform the organizers in advance.

Event judges

Many judges will participate in the event, but this article focuses on the first three.

Kasimir Blazer

Blaser is a Senior Consultant at Swisscom Blockchain AG. He is an experienced developer and architect. On the field of blockchain, he focuses on public blockchain technologies, development and testing of smart contracts, Sovereign Identities, auditing protocols, and operation of full nodes.

Arno Pernthaler

Mr. Pernthaler is leading the Swisscom Blockchain Academy. He’s also a Senior Consultant for Enterprise Blockchain Advisory. Before joining SCB, he was a Digital Strategy consultant at Monitor Deloitte. He also served as a blockchain consultant at the Deloitte EMEA Blockchain Center of Excellence in Dublin, Ireland. With a Master’s degree in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Arno has authored multiple blockchain-based publications.

Fabian Whale

Fabian is the Co-Founder of NEX exchange, which operates on the NEO blockchain. He is one of the early contributors to NEO and co-founder of City of Zion, which is NEO’s largest community for international developers. This makes him a highly valued member of the NEO community. Fabian holds a PhD from ETH Zurich and Master’s degree from Maastricht University.

Event organizers

The NEO Global Development (NGD) and the Swisscom Blockchain AG have organized the Hackathon event. NGD focuses on executing NF strategies in matters around technological R&D, marketing, as well as community development.

Swisscom Blockchain AG focuses on blockchain solutions, advisory services, and professional training.


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