Get Paid To Watch Videos on Internet with Blockchain Projects like WhatsAround, Demand Film, CinemaWell,

Blockchain industry brought many novelties through numerous use cases, also creating decentralized social media, crypto charging devices, and even entering financial as well as the automotive industry.

With numerous blockchain projects set across the globe and available to anyone through decentralized ecosystems, you can even get paid for watching movies, sharing trailers, making your own videos, and liking and sharing video content.

Here is the list of some blockchain projects where you can get paid to watch movies and participate in similar activities that could bring you profit in form of crypto assets.

Demand Film Will Pay You in Screencreds

Demand Film was originally on-demand platform that offered a wide range of movie titles specifically targeted to the English-speaking audience.

However, as of the end of August of 2018, the company went for turning towards the handy utilization of blockchain technology, that way launching form of a cryptocurrency native to the platform.

The currency is called Screencreds and should represent the means of rewarding users for promoting, sharing, and watching movies that the platform is preparing.

That means that you can actually get paid for watching and promoting movie trailers.

 WhatsAround Will Pay You for Watching, Sharing, and Liking Videos

WhatsAround is actually a decentralized social network but will reward its users with their own native currency called ShotCoins.

ShotCoins can be spent or exchanged for gift cards for Starbucks, Amazon, PayPal credit, or be spent in Playstore, and the rewards are earned by simply becoming an active member.

Users who share, comment, and like videos, images, pics, and memes, are earning ShotCoins, that way spinning profit based on their activities.

CinemaWell Pays Movie Watchers

CinemaWell works on promoting small independent moviemakers and films due to the fact that out of 100,000 movie directors attending over 6,000 festivals on an annual basis, only around 100 will get to the big screens.

CinemaWell solves this problem with blockchain and issuing its own currency called ApplauseCash, that way allowing the filmmakers to connect with their targeted audience, as well as broaden the circles of people that might like their movies.

With CinemaWell, the big screen is everywhere, so all indie directors and filmmakers can get live feedback, comments, and suggestions, while the audience will get paid for doing what they love – watching movies. Enables Earning Profit for Watching Videos is another blockchain project that allows its users to create a profile and register on the platform in order to earn points.

Those points actually represent rewards for activities on the platform and can be later on exchange for Bitcoin through Coinbase, as Coinbase is one of the payment options.

The points can also be exchanged with PayPal as one of the available payment methods at a very low fee, so you can have your points exchanged for cash.

You can earn these rewards by watching different videos that are set across different categories. The platform also has the option to earn points by completing surveys.

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