Roger Ver says: Building on Bitcoin [BTC] is like “planning for disaster”.’s CEO, Roger Ver spoke about blocks congestion on the Bitcoin [BTC] blockchain. He went ahead to say that it will lead to problems with the platform while dismissing ideas that the possible solution is the Lightning Network.

Ver, who is popular for creating the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] fork of the Bitcoin network, said that congesting the network to 100% capacity is the real problem here. He added: “Anybody with any sort of cryptocurrency business out there, you are planning for disaster if your platform is only built on BTC.”
He then gave examples of services built on Bitcoin, such as exchanges. He said that a different base pair was required by the exchanges, as Bitcoin’s next full congestion would lead to a “horrible user experience”.

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He advised those in charge of building infrastructure to move on to Bitcoin Cash [BCH]. He then gave other examples, saying: “We don’t know the time, or the hour, or the place but the next time the BTC network becomes completely full, it guarantees that all of the users of your platform are gonna have a horrible user experience.”

Everyone feels Bitcoin’s scalability solution is the Lightning Network, However, this product is still far away from completion. Concerning this, Ver said that most “BTC guys” were quoting Lightning Network as the solution for scalability. He then said: “It’s not here yet, it doesn’t work, it’s not reliable. You can’t use it for anything yet. There’s not even a single lightning wallet.”

In addition, he spoke about the Watchtower code release, referring to it as a “trusted third party” to check up on the coins on the Lightning Network. He then mentioned that the BTC party was having a “big giant powwow and cheerleading session” towards the introduction of the code.

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] on a march towards mainstream adoption
A stagnant price movement has been experienced by majority of the cryptocurrency market, with coins like Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] all unable to rise under the bear’s pressure. BCH, despite the market slump, keeps announcing developments and updates tailored towards placing Bitcoin Cash at the forefront of mass adoption map.

Roger Ver, talked about Bitcoin Cash’s upcoming updates as well as its new adopters. He also talked about the news of Key Motors (a major car dealership in Australia), accepting Bitcoin Cash as a form of payment. Reports from the dealership revealed that, coupled with mainstream fiat currency, BCH will be the only accepted cryptocurrency. Ver said: “Huge shout out to Key Motors. I think this is just part of the process of the east coast of Australia blowing up with Bitcoin Cash [BCH].”

He also gave his opinion on the recent Elon Musk’s Bitcoin-related tweet. He said that “Musk is a pretty smart guy” and that if he needed any crypto-related help, he would be happy to offer it. He also added: “I know Musk is into cryptocurrencies and I hope he knows that Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin.”

Bitcoin Cash was also given a boost when (a Danish restaurant website), told users that more than 1,400 restaurants will start accepting Bitcoin Cash as a form of payment.

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