Bitcoin Advocate Says: In November, Bitcoin Cash May Likely Experience a Fall Apart

A well-known core developer of Bitcoin, Jimmy Song while discussing on YouTube with Tony Vays talked about the clash going on in Bitcoin Cash’s community.

He revealed that, there is a high probability of Bitcoin experiencing a fall apart this month. This idea of his, is coming from the launch of a new hard fork which has been scheduled to take place on 15th November 2018.

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The Bitcoin Cash community has been split as a result of the ongoing clash between Craig Wright (also referred to as Faketoshi) and the team of Bitcoin ABC. This is happening because Wright has opposed the implementation of ABC’s Wormhole, rather proposing that the Bitcoin Satoshi vision be implemented on the protocol of Bitcoin Cash.

Craig Wright, having the backing of Coingeek, voiced that the implementation of SV represents Bitcoin creator – Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision. This decision was left in the hands of the miners who at the moment are in support of Craig Wright and Coingeek’s opinion.

Song then continued by saying that he feels Roger Ver supports Jihan Wu and the Wormhole fork against Craig Wright’s idea. He then gave reasons why he feels Ver doesn’t believe in the Satoshi vision which is because r/btc has made some statements against Faketoshi.

Later, both of them then talked about creating a post-mortem scene on the hard fork and Vays stating that, he is yet to know who to support. Song said that he will most likely be a natural observer due to the fact that they are kind of simply observing the whole scenario.

In addition, Song linked the scenario to what he said during the Blockchain Course event that all advocates of Bitcoin Cash are presently doing all they can to be Bitcoin Cash’s leader, whereas Vays from the fundamental viewpoint said that this could come out positively for Bitcoin.


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