Tron Watch Market, Tron’s Decentralized Exchange Seeks To Be The World’s Fastest

Recently, the Tron community has been filled with a lot of excitement.

First, U.S crypto exchange, Coinbase said that very soon some new coins will be listed on its platform. Other speculations have revealed that Coinbase’s listing will include TRX as well. Second, a TRON decentralized exchange (DEX) is on the move, which has promised to achieve great things.

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For fundraising, the newly created TRON decentralised exchange began its ICO on 24th September and its main aim is to develop the world’s first intuitive and completely-integrated decentralized exchange.

The exchange, referred to as Tron Watch Market would make it possible for users to trade in a safe and decentralized manner, tokens between TRX, TRX10, and TRX20. The project’s ICO successfully came to a close on 23rd October. For each contributed TRX, two (2) Tron Watch Market tokens were given to the participants of the event.
To make this project a success, a total amount of 26,037,327 TRX coins have been raised. Considering TRX’s current rate at $0.021, the total amount raised stands around $547,000.

The team behind this project have given an explanation of their major plans as well as reasons behind choosing the TRON network. They revealed that the platform is very fast. For some time now, the team has released the platform’s demo version and has given a good description of it.

The team also released a video that demonstrates what the platform has to offer, and this can be viewed on YouTube. The team’s central promise is leverage TRON’s power, so as to create cryptoworld’s most decentralized exchange.

The TRON network having the capability of performing 2000 transactions every second, TWM (Tron Watch Market) definitely has what it takes to become the world’s fastest decentralized exchange. Since the activation of Tron Virtual Machine on October 12th, the growth of the TRON network has been exciting with the deployment of 227 smart contracts. The triggering of these smart contracts has happened a surprising 5.924 million times.

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