Kanye West: US Dollar ‘Like Slave Movies’

In an interview, famous rap star Kanye West talked about Bitcoin. Stating that dollar reminds him of slavery, West admitted that he wanted to use Bitcoin for a long time now.

Talking about the subject, West remembers the last 400 years of the United States history as a tough period and calls it as a “choice”. West stated that seeing Tubman’s figure on a 20 dollar bill was very influential for him and since then he wanted to use apolitical and neutral money. He stated:

“When I saw Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, that’s when I wanted to use bitcoin.”

West tweeted about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He wrote “decentralize” on his tweet on April 25th. However, West, who has been involved in cryptocurrency for so many years, has not always been completely liberal in the act.

In 2014, West filed a lawsuit against coin producers of Coinye to change the center of its operations and won the case because the majority of the parties named in the case did not respond to the initial charges.

However, Coinye returned to the pop culture recently. The investor Alan Silbert argued that West did not have a random twist, and that the possibility of the famous rapper to release his own coin was quite high.

Kanye West has not yet responded to the questions about bitcoin or cryptocurrency. However, he is going to have to say something in the coming days about it, and the cryptocurrency sector is eagerly waiting for it.


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