Will Crypto Return to 10k: Can Bitcoin (BTC) Get Back to $10,000?

The cryptocurrency market has definitely seen a tremendous dip during the last 10 to 11 months, which matches the time since the majority of cryptos have reached their record prices.

The decline took away almost -90% of the total value of all crypto assets in the market, which also set Bitcoin from its all-time high of nearly 20k US dollars to its current price of around 6,300$ per one BTC.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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As the year of 2018 is coming to an end, many crypto enthusiasts are wondering will crypto return to 10k, as cryptocurrency analysts are predicting that BTC could be able to bounce back up within an increased momentum by the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019.

Bitcoin was the only crypto in the market to have managed to get past the value of 10k per one unit, so is BTC able to bounce back up to 10,000$ once again?

Will Crypto Return to 10k? Bitcoin Might Be Able to Get back to $10,000 Soon

Although the majority of digital assets have had their minute of glory at the end of December of 2017 and the beginning of January 2018, the market was soon suppressed to massive and frequent dips that brought the cryptos down by almost -90%.

Bitcoin itself declined by around -66%, now being traded around the value of 6,300$ per one unit.

The last time Bitcoin was valued at the price of 10k per one unit, was around the third week of February of 2018.

At the time Bitcoin declined to the price of around 7,300$ at the beginning of February only to rise back up to over 10k per one unit in around two weeks.

That way, BTC showcased and confirmed the possibility that many are hinting at now – Bitcoin might be able to get back to the price of 10,000$, at least, with the possibility of going further towards breaking the resistance of 11k, just as it was the case back in February.

Bitcoin Has Solid Odds for Getting Back Up: Top Crypto to Return to 10k

Bitcoin has been running around in circles when it comes to its price during the last couple of months, constantly hovering around the price of 6,000$.

Back in September of 2018, at the very beginning of the month, Bitcoin made it to 7,300$, where it had some solid good chance of skyrocketing towards the value of 10k per one BTC, just as it was the case back in February.

However, the crypto declined once again to get back to its “anchor” value of around 6,300$ per one unit.

Moreover, many analysts are expecting to see a similar momentum in the crypto market by the very end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, which is said to be “just enough” to see Bitcoin returning to a flattering value of 10,000$.

Bitcoin is said to be too well-established in order to be suppressed to further losing on its value, so going below 6,000$ is not seen as an option in the general opinion.

Additionally, the market is not doing particularly well at the moment, so all currencies are far from any new record prices, however, holders and investors are relying on the New Year’s hype to pull Bitcoin up towards the value of 10k per one BTC.

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