According to Gartner, 77% of CIOs do not consider using Blockchain in the future

The results of the recent survey by the well-known research firm Gartner revealed some interesting facts. While 66 percent of CIOs working in various companies are aware of Blockchain technology, the CIOs who want to integrate Blockchain technology into their business are reported to be only 22 percent.

14% of the 3138 CIOs who participated in the survey indicated that they thought to include blockchain in their middle-long term plans, while 8% of the participants thought they would choose to use Blockchain in the short term. Only 1 percent of the respondents were already benefiting from Blockchain technology.

Also in a survey it was revealed that 20 percent of the companies plan to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by the end of 2018. 56 of the respondents indicated that the planning of whether to invest in blockchain would be decided by the following August.

It seems the result of the survey is in contrast with the technology perception of the mainstream.

Gartner concluded the perception created at the moment does not directly affect blockchain’s future use.

In addition, it was stated that the survey did not include enough competent elements to provide passage to Blockchain based systems.

Companies’ responses to Blockchain technology spread over a wide spectrum. Some companies are curious about the idea of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Some call them balloons, while others think they are strong enough to change their world.

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