Bitcoin Banknotes Ready to Use in Singapore

The place where the crypto money is covering in our lives continues to grow day by day. So much so that Bitcoin and other crypto-money have already begun to be used in many places where reputation has passed and has worked. Some of these are ATMs, credit cards and other financial products.

In addition to all these developments, a more interesting incident happened in Singapore this time. In Singapore a firm started to sell Bitcoin banknotes. It is stated that the product that the firm has released and the name Bitcoin banknote is a smart banknote actually.

The banknotes are not paper; instead it is a Samsung -generated chip with S3D350A and stores data; it is stated that the property which resembles the banknotes we know is a unit of value and a payment instrument. Each banknotes are said to have a wallet protection by its own private passwords; according to the manufacturer Tangem, that it is not possible to make copies of these products.

The company emphasized that the hacking of credit cards, SIM cards or ID cards, which are mostly concentrated on software systems, is not economical after the tamper-proof technology.

These new smart bills have a serious advantage over online payments, and they are not subject to any shipping fees.

However, of course, problems such as security, distance and convenience experienced by each payment method are expected to be available for these chip banknotes.

The banknotes offered for sale are expected to have values ​​of 0.01 and 0.05 Bitcoin. At the minute of receipt of the article, these two figures correspond to 94 and 469 dollars respectively.

Tangem, the creator of these intelligent banknotes, with offices in Hong Kong and Singapore and headquarters in Zug , also works in Taiwan, Russia and Israel. It is stated that the nipples that helped to form the product are produced in China and South Korea.


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