The XRP Tree Project To Reduce The Environmental Impact Of The Ripple Technology

The XRP community believes that the digital asset should be the standard due to the fact that it requires less energy to carry out transactions on its ledger. Transactions on the XRP ledger takes less energy than standard VISA transactions.

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The Environmental impact of Validators to be reduced by the XRP Tree Project.
What if you intend to do more than just accept that XRP is the most eco-friendly? What if you intend planting trees to negate the environmental impact of transactions on its ledger, reducing its carbon footprint in the process?

Well, the XRP community through the XRP Tree project has achieved this, led by twitter user @WanderingWare. The project has formed a partnership with One Tree Planted Organization.

The One Tree Planted Organization has an inventive system where $1 donated is equivalent to one tree.
So far, more than 1,000 Trees have been planted
The XRP Tree project has made it possible for to plant across four continents, a total of 1,126.

These trees have been calculated to offset 24.77 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide from Ripple technology. Planting of trees can help in repairing land which has been over-farmed or over-harvested for firewood as well as other commercial activities.

For Transparency, a new Community Fundraising Page has been created.
The XRP Tree project fundraising page is up and running. The XRP community works hard to update it so that all donations can be easily tracked on the site for transparency.

The site explains clearly the mission of the XRP Community of offsetting the carbon footprint of the network’s 54 XRP validators. The XRP community also expects that, very soon the One Tree Planted organization starts accepting directly, XRP donations and also through Coil.

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