TRON (TRX) Forms Partnership With NeoWorld

Justin Sun recently, informed the Crypto Community about Tron’s (TRX) partnership with NeoWorld (Creators of a blockchain-based 3D Virtual World).

This announcement was made via Twitter enlightening the public on how the partnership would be successful in NeoWorld’s 3D Virtual Reality world.

Below is the full tweet:
“#TRON has established a partnership with NeoWorld. The cooperation between both parties will revolve around entering NeoWorld, planning the NeoWorld Exclusive Island, strengthening the cooperation within the community ecosystem, etc. #TRX $TRX — Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) November 8, 2018”

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NeoWorld is a multiplayer online virtual reality world that runs on the blockchain. The 3 dimensional world gives players the opportunity to discover new frontiers, build wealth, pursue careers, create skylines, and some other things that can be seen in our world today.

Players also have the opportunity to chat, catch some fun as well as establish private and professional networks. NeoWorld possesses parcels which can be purchased. To increase its value, players can construct buildings on the land. Through avatars, users will also be able to walk around in the virtual world.

At present, more than 100,000 land parcels have been sold, 7.5 Million buildings constructed and 1.3 Million jobs completed daily in the virtual world.

The role of Tron in NeoWorld
This partnership between Tron Foundation and NeoWorld, brings with it the addition of Tron’s own building in the virtual world. The Tron foundation has also announced that more information will be given in the near future about NeoWorld’s further developments and plans.

Although this partnership failed to mention this, the virtual world idea brings up the question: What type of cryptocurrencies can we make use of? Since NeoWorld has some similarities to the real world, it might not be surprising to learn that TRX can be utilized in purchase and sales of land and buildings in the virtual world. The only currency used in NeoWorld is the NeoWorld Cash (NASH).

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