The launch of the Aeternity (AE) Mainnet Continues To Be On Hold, Trading Sees Renewed Abundance and Unpredictability

The Aeternity team has not divulged the reason for the failure of the launch’s materialization previously scheduled for the end of July.

The Aeternity (AE) project has made plans to proceed to a new blockchain. Although the event did not materialize as proposed at the end of July, it’s trading intensity picked up notwithstanding the lack of information.

Aeternity has consistently proved to be among the projects which has kept up transparent growth on its developments, including the  minor advancements. However, it seems like there is going to be a little more wait on running its mainnet. Aeternity will be placed on the surveillance for  new updates and announcements. The project keeps presenting itself to conferences in a bid to expand its team.

Aeternity is a very special project aimed at introducing proprietary programming language into smart contracts including building real-world oracles, like Internet of Things sensors combined with other forms of entry data for smart contracts.

Aeternity Price Movements

 The trading volumes have risen for the past few days but it is quite impossible to attribute it to any significant exchange listings for AE, which were left in the past, but it is believed that it may be due to the expectation of the forthcoming mainnet swap. Currently, no indication of how the swap will work was given by the team, whether through a wallet or it will be with the assistance of exchanges.

The price of AE in the market has shown some rise in the day to day activity, but without dramatic price moves. These past days, the volumes of AE markets have increased greatly over the rate recorded during the past three months. The AE market price is still remaining quite stagnant, going down to $1.81 on Wednesday (12:00 UCT). AE lost nearly 7% in 24 hours, on extremely fluctuating intraday trading in the final downturn of all crypto assets.

Because the market price of AE has become moderately self reliant from Bitcoin prices, AE has become a curious digital asset. This is shown in the fact that more than 58% of AE trading occurs on Bithumb against the Korean Won, trading against Tether (USDT) fills the rest of the gap. This causes a self-reliant price-discovery process for AE, which allows a different kind of risk for the investors and traders.

AE may attract attention sometime in the future and bare traders to its very special brand of intraday volatility.

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