Cryptocurrency Volume by Country: Top Bitcoin Trading Countries

Cryptocurrency market started off with a lonesome issuance of Bitcoin back in 2009, but the big boom didn’t take place until 2017 when the crypto assets finally started to get some major recognition.

Although the crypto adoption has come far, being spread across the globe, trading volumes of cryptocurrencies are varying from one country to another.

It isn’t the only Bitcoin that is being traded across the globe for years now, but let’s see what the top countries by Bitcoin trading volumes are.

The United States Bitcoin Trading Volumes

It seems that the United States take the first spot among the countries that are leading in Bitcoin trading volumes.

By far it is evident that there had been 1.44 billion dollars invested in Bitcoin solely from the United States of America which means that the general contribution of Bitcoin investors from the US makes up for over 22% of the total BTC trading volumes.

The USA is also leading in the trading volumes of all cryptocurrency trading combined.

Russia Bitcoin Trading Volumes

Although Bitcoin trading is proclaimed as illegal in Russia, this country holds the second spot in terms of highest trading volumes of Bitcoin.

IN accordance with the statistic results, Russian cryptocurrency investors make over 16% of the total Bitcoin trading volumes, having invested over 1 billion dollars in BTC altogether.

United Kingdom Bitcoin Trading Volumes

The United Kingdom takes the third spot with over 738 million dollars invested in the first largest currency, also making one of the largest cryptocurrency markets.

The total share of trading volumes for Bitcoin goes up to 11% of the total sum of trading volumes of Bitcoin, and the United Kingdom also holds the first spot in the number of legally registered exchange markets that deal with cryptocurrency.

Venezuela Bitcoin Trading Volumes

Although far from being as economically stable in oppose to the previous countries in the list, Venezuela holds the spot number four on the list of countries with the greatest trading volumes of Bitcoin.

This is the case because the country is going through a horrible case of inflation so the people in Venezuela are looking for ways to keep their money from losing value.

Thus, they are investing in cryptocurrencies, which includes Bitcoin as well.

Although BTC is inclined towards changes in the market, it is still far more stable than the native bolivars in Venezuela.

Venezuelan investors have so far invested over 700 million dollars in Bitcoin which makes another 11% of the total sum of Bitcoin trading volumes.

China Bitcoin Trading Volumes

In Asia alone, over 2 billion dollars had been invested in Bitcoin. Around 620 million dollars of that sum comes from China and Chinese investors that have chosen to go for Bitcoin.

China’s part in Bitcoin trading volumes makes approximately 10% of the all Bitcoin trading volumes.

Additionally, Asia is one of the greatest epicenters for cryptocurrency investors and blockchain projects, openly encouraging the adoption of digital assets.

China is imposing regulations on cryptocurrencies that are mostly negative and are slowing down the adoption of cryptos in this area; however, this country still holds the fifth spot on the global scale of top Bitcoin trading volumes by country.


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