Russian and Spain signs agreement to stop hacking

Earlier this week Spain and Russian have signed a deal to ensure that both countries stop spreading negative information concerning one another. The deal, which was struck by both foreign ministers Sergei Lavrov and Josep Borrell will see both nations take necessary action to crackdown on spreading damaging information attacks. Furthermore, they will work together to address issues that may cause a problem between each country.

Russia and Spain strike agreement for joint cybersecurity group: report

Russia and Spain have agreed to set up a joint cybersecurity group that aims to stop the spread of damaging disinformation campaigns that have begun to strain their relations, The Associated Press reported Tuesday.

The foreign ministers of the two nations announced the plan amid rising tension in the wake of accusations by Spanish officials that Russians have spread false or misleading information, which has, in part, fueled instability in Spain’s Catalonia region.

Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said he accepts the proposal for a joint cyber group put forth by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, which he said will help Madrid “gauge the extent of the problem and analyze it to prevent it from becoming a source of friction,” according to the AP.

Lavrov also reportedly said he conceded to Borrell that “some Russian mass media go beyond the limits of their professional activity and create inadmissible interference in other countries’ issues.”

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