Tron’s (TRX) Decentralized Exchange is Live on TronScan

Earlier in September, Tron’s Public Chain Division Marcus Zhao informed the Tron community of the progress of the project; he further focused on what the future hold for the cryptocurrency exchange. In development to this, the team announced the activation of the Tron Virtual Machine.

However, the Tron community can be praised for being on top of their game and never missing any development regarding the project. It was because of the community’s interest that the Decentralized exchange on TronScan was made public through Twitter. Nevertheless, Matthew Fetzer was the first commun7ity member to notice the inclusion of Tronscan. The Tron watch market is a decentralized exchange on the Network with the aim of becoming the fastest in the cryptocurrency.

Tron Decentralised Exchange on TronScan

The Tron community can be lauded for always being on top of things and never missing a development when it comes to their favorite project. It was due to the community’s keen eye that the Decentralized exchange on TronScan was made public via Twitter. Matthew Fetzer was one of the first community members to notice the addition on Tronscan. His tweet can be found below.

Other Decentralized Exchanges

Tron Watch Market is another decentralized exchange on the Network that aims at being the fastest of its kind in the crypto-verse. Its token sale ended on the 23rd of October and the team has already released a Demo version of the exchange. Once completed, the Tron Watch Market decentralized exchange will allow users to trade between TRON, TRX10, and TRX20 Tokens in a secure manner.

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