Binance announces a new division – Binance Research

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of volume, Binance has announced the launching of its “Binance Research” The Binance Research is its analysis division that is focused in the creation of an institutional grade research reports. This new division was created for improving the quality and transparency of information available in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The new division released its first few research information, which is available on the Binance platform in tandem to its announcement.

The first report was on the development of the Loom Network, which is a second-layer scaling solution for the Ethereum network that comprises of Delegated Proof-of-Stake side chains. The second in on the GoChain, which contain relevant information including information on developers and platform codes.

Launching the Binance Research Analyst Division

The announcement that Binance is creating their own analyst division was revealed yesterday (Nov 8), with the goal of performing “institutional grade” research reports.

The Binance Research group has already been active, releasing two reports looking at the Loom Network,a project that is examining solutions to Ethereum scalability. The second report is in regards to a scalable decentralized crypto called Gochain. Another report is currently in the works pertaining to the Pundi hardware and software platform that facilitates seamless crypto payments.

Binance Global Exposure

Binance Research is another phase in the crypto exchange’s plans to diversify their business operations across the globe. In September, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao revealed that Binance would be expanding their operations by launching five to ten exchanges across five continents.

In August, Binance also announced a collaboration with the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange to launch a new fiat-to-crypto exchange in the country. Less than a month later, Binance announced it would be moving into Africa by setting up Binance Uganda, seeing an impressive 40,000 sign-ups in the first week.

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Aamir Kapoor is a fintech writer specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain. He has a background in finance and banking and was a researcher.