EOS (EOS) Price Today: Is EOS Recovering From the Latest Dip?

EOS (EOS) is known as one of the stronger competitors of the largest smart contract platform, Ethereum (ETH), also making the fifth largest cryptocurrency by its market cap of over 4.8 billion dollars.

EOS get past Litecoin (LTC) months ago outside the mass rebound in the market ravaged by negative trends, pushing LTC out of the top 5 list of currencies and taking its spot.

Even though EOS didn’t take advantage of the latest rebound that started out with November, the crypto is seen in an attempt of a rebound on November 12th, also showcasing a strong pace of growth in the course of the last year.

What is the price of EOS today and how well is EOS progressing in the market?

EOS Price Today: EOS Seen in a Slight Rebound as it Attempts to Recover

Even though the last week was marked in gains and benevolent market trends that affected a portion of top cryptos in a rather positive way, EOS didn’t make it with taking advantage of the positive market trends.

As a result, EOS lost its spot as the 5th largest currency to Stellar (XLM) which is currently ranked as the 5th biggest cryptocurrency. Stellar took nearly 13% of gains in the course of the last seven days, which skyrocketed the currency towards the list of top 5 trading cryptos.

Still, EOS is showing progress in the market while attempting to take a rebound in a partially dipping market, going up only by 0.56% in the last 24 hours.

EOS Price Today – EOS / USD

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)

As a result, EOS got surpassed by its market capitalization, providing Stellar with an impressive momentum in the market as the top gaining cryptocurrency among the list of top 20 trading cryptos.

Furthermore, EOS is still not giving up as it got some room for improving its pace of growth against the fiat as EOS is still marking major gains on its YTD chart.

The crypto is seen collecting nearly 400% of gains in the course of the last year, also marking improvements on its biweekly and monthly charts.

EOS Price Today: Can EOS Bounce Back up to the Top 5 List?

EOS lost its ranking among the top 5 trading cryptocurrencies due to a minor weekly decline of only -0.2% against the fiat.

Its loss wasn’t as affected by the weekly loss of EOS, but it was rather conditioned with a progressive pace of growth showcased by Stellar (XLM) in the course of the last market rebound.

That is how EOS and XLM are now around 400 million dollars away as seen in the difference between the market cap of EOS and Stellar at the moment.

EOS is also away from its all-time high of around 22$ whereas now the crypto is valued at 5$ per one unit, having been lost over -76% of its value since marking its record price.

EOS still has a chance of going back up to the list of top 5 currencies if judged by its individual pace of growth in the market; however, XLM will surely make it difficult for EOS to make a comeback as Stellar is seen on a major bull run lately.

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