IOTA Opportunities Expand With Bosch Integration

IOTA opportunities expand with Bosch integration

Multidisciplinary engineering and electronics giant Bosch for real-time IoT (Internet of Things) data collection and sales, in addition to other connection, IOTA announced a new device connection method to work with the market.Before innovations, İ would like to mention about IOTA.

What is IOTA? – What is the difference to blockchain technology?

To understand what IOTA actually is, one should first rule out what it is not. In contrast to Bitcoin, IOTA does not use blockchain technology and does not need miners. Miners are people who are being paid to contribute to the security of the blockchain. For this reason, microtransactions are also possible, as IOTA does not charge any transaction fees.

While blockchain slows down and requires more resources the larger the network becomes, IOTA does the exact opposite. The use of the innovative IOTA Tangle technology results in higher scalability and becomes faster and even more secure the more activity there is. It is, therefore, a serious transaction settlement and data transfer layer for the Internet of Things. However, there is more than that!

IOTA marketplace will use at data collection activity

The use of innovative IOTA Tangle technology offers greater scalability. At the same time, we have seen that its technology has a faster and safer activity. We prefer a serious transactional agreement and data transfer layer for the Internet of objects.

According to Bosch, by 2020 there will be more than 20 billion interconnected devices. All of this will produce measurable amounts of data. In the company promotion videos, these data are summarized as a ‘’ data is the oil of the future’’.

Iota’s decentralized marketplace aims to collect this data and make it available for compensating parties. System users will have the option to buy or sell these data transmitted by MAM “Masked Authenticated Messaging”.

The company’s product, a programmable sensor device that can collect IoT data in real time, “Cross Domain Development Kit” XDK combines connection standards such as WiFi and software as a set of sensor technologies for virtually any IoT installation.

Bosch XDK can be used for sales through the IOTA Data Market by collecting specific and real-time data. Bosch XDK can be used for sales through the IOTA Data Market by collecting specific and real-time data.

A new bridge between Bosch equipment and the IOTA marketplace

There was a problem in the connection between the two entities until this time. There was no connection between the Bosch XDK sensor and the IOTA Market. But now with the launch of XDK2MAM, this problem has been solved.

The platform using the encrypted Masked Authentication Message, connects the sensor hardware to the Iota marketplace through existing connection protocols such as HTTP, Bluetooth or USB. The code was presented to the Iota community and the development represents a solid step to make Iota’s concepts a reality.

Iota’s (MIOTA) token seems to price this development by climbing over $ 0.50 a day with a 4 percent jump. The trade volume jumped from $ 4 million to $ 13 million, with Binance and Bitfinex covering the majority of the trade.

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