CoinMarketCap Removes Misleading Website

Since CoinMarketCap stands out as the primary site that always controls coin values ​​and market limits, their decision by removing one of the official websites associated with Bitcoin is a significant step. Even though the real reason is unknown, it is anticipated that such a decision was taken when the platform considered Bitcoin Cash as the real Bitcoin.

In the cryptocurrency sector, there is only one bitcoin. It’s an easy statement in theory, but a hard one to implement in practice.

In theory, all altcoins are derived from Bitcoin, since it was the first of its kind.

Even the statement is correct, it cannot necessarily be fulfilled.

Some fans of Bitcoin Cash go quite far in this regard. The mention of Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper as the introduction document of Bitcoin Cash is certainly controversial. The same people also swear that the BTC is an experimental fork with no action plan. Arguments as such have been continuing for over a period of time.

There are also sites using Bitcoin as a words in the domain names to distort the facts. CoinMarketCap has shown one of these websites as one of two official sources for BTC. The name of the website was appropriate, however, later it was understood that, the site administrators have been showing bitcoin cash as the real bitcoin which is literally incorrect in many aspects.

For this reason, CoinMarketCap has now completely removed this website from the Bitcoin page.  The fact is bitcoin is successful as itself while bitcoin cash is successful as an altcoin. There is no reason to confuse them now or in the future. More and more people are taking an aggressive stance against this filtering. This was really a necessary change because everything began to get out of control on this manner.

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