Discover NEO-ONE—for easy creation of DApps on NEO Blockchain

NEO-ONE is a fresh end-to-end smart contract framework that helps users to easily create decentralized applications (DApps) on the NEO blockchain. The framework is a creation of Alex DiCarlo, the head of the 5-man team that oversees NEO Tracker. Alex equally supports smart contract development in TypeScript.

NEO-ONE comes with course material that will help users learn quickly in addition to providing the smart contract framework. The team seeks to guide users on the development process for NEO smart contracts through a learn-by-doing approach.

NEO-ONE Background

The requirements of NEO Tracker initially inspired the development of the NEO-ONE framework.

“The first inklings of a framework began when we needed a way to track token transfers as well as have a fluent API for efficiently interacting with a NEO node. Once we had built all of the infrastructure and APIs needed for NEO Tracker, we felt that we had made something useful that others could leverage, so we started on the track of fleshing out the details of an end-to-end framework that would become NEO-ONE,” Alex commented.

Alex equally noted that several questions that arose in the NEO development channels revolved around the core basics of development such as environment set-up. This signaled an issue that the team sought to solve by creating an end-to-end framework by providing “effortless startup and empowering users with tooling every step of the way.”

NEO-ONE Framework

NEO-ONE is a highly accessible end-to-end framework that allows users to perform all coding and testing in a browser. This means users need no equipment for a prior set-up of a development environment. The framework comes with features such as console.log, which operates in a similar way it works on JavaScript. Plans are also underway to include an integrated debugger, which will eliminate any issues in the future.

Alternatively, the developers plan to combine the NEO-ONE CLI with Atom or VSCode editors, which will enable users to access the same functionality easily. This comes with the ability to automate testing through writing TypeScript unit tests, which is a major breakthrough for those who want to deploy DApps rapidly.

With the creation of NEO-ONE framework, the team hopes to take DApp development to a completely new level.

“By making blockchain development a seamless and easy process, we hope to have an impact on the crypto ecosystem as a whole – if developers have to spend less time thinking about their smart contracts and how to integrate them, we hope that they’ll have more time to spend on the user experience of their dApp,” Alex says.

NEO-ONE Benefits

NEO-ONE framework seeks to offer the following benefits.

Powerful: the framework makes coding, testing, and deploying of NEO DApps easy, fast, efficient, and enjoyable. The complete end-to-end framework will offer users effortless startup and empower them with the right tools throughout the entire process of DApp development.

Intuitive: Users will be able to write idiomatic TypeScript smart contracts that look, feel, and work just like the usual TypeScript program.

Approachable: the NEO-ONE courses refine the essentials of DApp development in a manner that users can easily grasp. With its interactive learning chapters, users can build, test, and write the UI smart contracts using the NEO.ONE editor. Besides, its comprehensive NEO documentation is always available for users to reference.

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