Suspicious Tweet from TenX – Cryptocurrency News Today – Sat May 19

Binance is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency platforms at the moment. They choose to list some of the trading pairs but do not include all the major ones. There is a rumor circles around that the TenX team, allegedly, offered bribes to get enlisted on their exchange. For Binance, who has the reputation of being one of the most honest stock trading platforms of the altcoin industry, this tactic would not work.

Despite the recent ICO hype, it can be said a lot of big stock exchanges are not interested in this altcoin, TenX. Binance also did not show any signs that they could list TenX now or in the future. This is quite normal given that the project is still a lot to prove on how it works.

 Is TenX helpless?

The CEO of the company, Julian Hosp, publicly tweeted how he could bribe people to get TenX listed on the exchange. This is a bad tactic that would hinder possible chances of that bribery ever happening. The stock market is very transparent in terms of its listing of coins, and the PAY seems to be unfit for it.

The mentioned tweet is currently deleted, but the screen image is still exist. Maybe Julian Hosp just had a lot of free time and wanted to stir the pot, however, the message that emerged expressed lack of professionalism.

There is a real version of this phenomenon taken place in the past. Ripple offered to pay Coinbase in return of the enlisting of the XRP in the exchange. Nevertheless, they had not made a public announcement about it.

It is understandable that the TenX team wants some action, but there are doubts that such behaviors will help. Such movements will not lead to the placement of PAY on Binance and may even cause many people to consider less of the TenX project. This should not be the real aim in any way.

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