What Happened Today in Crypto? – November 17

Despite the resistances Bitcoin and Altcoins struggle to stay on the rise

Bitcoin tries to overcome the obstacles and reaches USD 5,600, Ethereum and Ripple recover slightly as well as some low capitalization Alcoins.

Bitcoin shows instability in its prices, with a downward trend, reaching USD 5,400 and recovering decently above USD 5,600, as did Ethereum who managed to exceed USD 175 and still trying to exceed USD 185. In the same way, we see how Ondulation surpassed USD 0.460 firmly tried to reach USD 0.480. Recently, smaller Alcoins such as WAX, BAT, DOGE, MONA, GXS, MCO, ZRX, XLM, ZEM, and DGM obtained a recovery between 5 and 7%.

On the other hand, the Bitcoin cash ABC dominated up to USD 350.

As Cryptocurrency mining shrinks, Mining Chips accumulate on Nvidia

Nvidia is negatively affected by the low demand for cryptography, leaving it with a large inventory of mining chips that impact its last quarter.

Although Nvidia gained huge profits from the increasing cipher in 2017 they are currently suffering what Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has called an “encrypted hangover”. Nvidia has presented in its earnings report of the last quarter a significant drop and this has been due to the low demand in the game cards.

Last year, thanks to the cryptocurrency mining, the chips obtained great demand, and as a result of the drop suffered by the cryptocurrencies the sale has ceased, is less profitable for the majority.

Start 2019 with your own cryptocurrency business, we give you innovative ideas

Starting a cryptocurrency business in recent times is easier when you have the right tools and ideas.

The cryptocurrencies and the blockchain have opened the eyes to entrepreneurs and investors. Thanks to the increase in its price at the beginning of the year, BitExchange has expanded the innovative cryptocurrency projects, which will help new companies start in 2019.

The market for cryptocurrencies has been increasing, and exchange or sale has been allowed in dollars, euros or any other fiduciary currency with the use of a cryptocurrency exchange script, or with a loan script you can start a form of multiply your assets.

Cryptocurrencies saw from the perspective of central banks and the IMF

Cryptocurrencies have created an important dilemma between governments regarding their use.

Although the use of cash has declined and cryptocurrencies are gaining market, experts still think that central banks should not take sides in the electronic market, but the IMF supports the idea of a digital currency of the Central Bank, CBDC.

Although the IMF thinks that the CBDC could be a form of payment, there are still many aspects that need to be deepened, since unlike any existing electronic payment service a CBDC would be covered by a state instead of a company private, and countries like Sweden have already considered using an electronic version.

The cryptocurrency market is under irrigation or is it just a bad time?

Despite the more than $30 billion in red and not encouraging analysts’ opinions, the Cryptocurrency market remains green.

The cryptography market was fiercely affected, taking it to more than $30 billion in red, reducing the Bitcoin to $5,390 and other altcoins to move in tandem, in part due to the fact that institutions took money out of the table massively. And despite the fact that in the last 24 hours the capitalization of the market continues to decline as well as the volume of operations the market is seeing green.

Experts presume that December could be a good month for the cryptocurrency market, assuming that in countries with economic crises can increase Bitcoin’s marketing volume.

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