XRP Price Prediction: Can Ripple’s XRP Touch $1 Before the End of 2018?

Ever since XRP expelled Ethereum (ETH) to take the place of the second-largest crypto, Ripple’s currency started to collect some significant gains.

Only three days after becoming the second largest currency, while the rest of the market appears to be struggling and barely collecting any gains, XRP is going up by over 7% in the course of a single day.

With the most recent rebound on the daily basis, XRP was able to get past the value of 0.50$, so we are now wondering whether XRP is able to touch $1 before the year comes to an end.

XRP Still Bullish Despite the General Market Trends

On November 15th as mass market dip stroke taking all cryptos down with the bearish movement, XRP took a chance and became the second best crypto despite suffering from losses.

So, while Ethereum is standing still having troubles with going above the value of 180$ for more than several days already, XRP already added over 2 billion dollars to its market cap within the same timeframe.

That being said, XRP is truly showing a progressive pace of growth that might bring it to new heights in the upcoming weeks as the year is coming to an end.

All top currencies, specifically the list of top 20 trading cryptos is showing a negative return on the weekly charts with Bitcoin even going over -12% in the last seven days.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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However, with today’s gains of over 7%, XRP easily became the only top crypto showing actual gains on its weekly chart although still in a minor positive movement in the last seven days.

When it comes to the daily gains, XRP definitely tops as a winner as while Ripple’s currency is going up by 7%, the rest of the cryptos are acquiring from 1% to a maximum of 3.5% of gains against the fiat.

Can XRP Make it to $1 by the End of 2018?

At this point, as Ripple is trading at the price of 0.50$ it would take 100% of growth in the next 6 weeks or so to bring Ripple’s currency to the price of one dollar per one unit by the end of 2018.

XRP is already showing significant gains in all charts, including its YTD chart where the crypto is seen up by 123%.

At the current pace of growth that XRP is showcasing even despite the negative trends, it appears that the value of 1$ per one unit is more than realistic.

That is how XRP would need to have at least 16% of gains on weekly basis each of the 6 remaining weeks by the end of 2018 in order to be able to touch the milestone of 1$.

In case XRP would continue at the current rate, 16% of gains per week would make a rather realistic goal.

However, the market is in fact still unpredictable and it is still not clear why November is acting rough on the crypto market in general, so surprises, negative or positive, are not excluded.


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