For Crypto Private Key Storage, Blockstream Unveils ‘Metal’

Leading provider of blockchain technologies, Blockstream has revealed its latest product: Metal, a very strong and reliable cold storage device for crypto wallet private keys and seeds.

The function of Metal is simple and intuitive; it permits users to organize tiles inside the package by sliding them one after the other to match their desired phrase. It is a tamper proof device and it is said to be resistant against water, shock and fire.

Billfodl is the developer of this new product. Billfodl is a startup that aims at manufacturing for hardware and cold storage wallets, indestructible offline backups, and based on CryptoSteel’s open source design.

The release of Metal is coming a week after Blockstream launched a new block explorer which helps users monitor real-time data for both the Liquid Network sidechain and the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain.


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