Stellar Lumens (XLM) And Ripple’s XRP Included Among The Most Promising Coins

For the first time, the competitive duo (Stellar XLM and Ripple’s XRP), are by no doubt included among the group of coins viewed by various traders and enthusiasts as most promising and having a high potential for future causes.

Talking about price performance in the past few months, we have seen that the first to initiate a recovery motive are Stellar or XRP with major differences when we talk of speed of value increase when compared to other leading coins.

These two digital assets are included among a few that have broken above the weekly declining trend which could be indicating a positive outcome of the day or even more recovery during the week.

Stellar has recently announced that a new stablecoin will be launched on the Stellar blockchain that is pegged to the Australian Dollar (AUD). Its value will be kept in a similar manner to how traditional stable coins have used the USD as reference as well as being backed by the fiat currency. Here, the new stablecoin by Novatti Group, will also be backed by the Australian Dollar (AUD).

Novatti’s Managing Director, Peter Cook explained his vision for the coin: “We think that people will use them [stablecoins] to help purchase goods from Australian enterprises. And we think that will also use them for the payment of bills or for services inside of Australia.”

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