Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Prediction: Are Drops Pertaining in the Weeks to Come?

Ethereum Classic had a true resurrection once Coinbase announced that ETC will become a part of its handpicked list of trading cryptocurrencies.

One of the biggest and most popular exchanges is always affecting cryptos in the most positive ways, which is why listings on Coinbase are rather appreciated, which was the case for Ethereum Classic as well.

Once ETC was added, the crypto could clearly see some significant gains against the fiat, also having ETC team revealing a renewed roadmap for the future of Ethereum’s fork intending to become more than just another fork.

Even though Ethereum Classic has strong plans for Dapp development, solving scalability issues, and working on entering the Internet of Things the crypto is dropping in the market.

And, the drops appear to be severe. Are drops pertaining for ETC in the weeks to come?

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction: ETC to Go Below 6$?

Ethereum Classic made its all-time high back in January 2018 when the crypto was able to touch the value of around 45$ per one unit.

Since then, during the course of 10 months, ETC lost almost -85% of its total value, also going down by over -60% on its YTD charts concluded with the latest dips in the market that didn’t miss Ethereum Classic.

Although ETC was holding onto the value of 9$ for weeks, trying to break the resistance of 10$ and go up, the dips brought it down to 6$ per one ETC.

On November 19th, in what appears to be a renewed dip, Ethereum Classic is going down by -9%, now being ranked as the 17th largest crypto, still on the list of top 20 currencies.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Today – ETC / USD

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Although Ethereum Classic team is designing a prominent future for the crypto and its network, it seems that ETC just can’t get a chance to see better days in the market even with the exposure on Coinbase.

That being said, it is possible that ETC might even go below its current value of 6.89$.

However, in case ETC would still be able to acquire some gains before the dip moves on, it is possible to see Ethereum Classic breaking the resistance of 7$.

Even if this is the case, it might be difficult at its current rate of progress to keep that price for long.

Ethereum Classic: Predicting Further Dips for ETC

Unfortunately, Ethereum Classic is down on all charts, including YTD and monthly charts.

In the course of the last seven days, Ethereum Classic is marking -25% of lost value, which indicates that there will be further price cuts imposing on ETC.

Based on the latest performance of ETC, it is indicated that the cryptocurrency might end the year at the price range of 5$ to 6$ per one unit.

By the end of November, high price fluctuations are potentially seen, where ETC might climb back to the value of 10$ only to drop back to 6$ once again.

The forecast even suggests that Ethereum Classic won’t get to see any further gains or losses in 2019, 2020, and 2021, trading at the value of 3$ per one ETC.


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