What Happened Today in Crypto? – November 20

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies more easily and safely in Switzerland

The first Crypto ETP was approved by the Swiss stock exchange. Thanks to the step that gave Six Exchange now it will be easier to make transactions with cryptocurrencies, although there is no type of insurance or cryptocurrency depository, this has generated uncertainty on the part of institutional investors in relation to the purchase without the direct position of Bitcoins.

Amun Crypto Exchange Traded Product (ETP) plans to focus on Bitcoin, allocating 50% of the PTE, but also offers to track the other 4 major cryptocurrencies, Ripple (XRP) with 25.4%, Ethereum (ETH) with a sixth, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 5.2% and Litecoin (LTC) with 3% of the total funds. ETFs will reach the market in 2019.

A Malware attacked the WorldWish.org site

The well-known site WorldWish.org was the victim of an attack due to the fact that it used an older version of Drupal CMS that made it vulnerable to CVE-2018-7600, this earned it the activation of “Drupalgeddon 2”, a remote code execution error which listed all the cycles of all visitors’ PCs through a malicious JavaScript to thereby generate cryptocurrencies in a covert manner.

Once a user enters, their equipment is used directly to generate cryptocurrencies. It is not the first time that a site of this style is attacked by third parties to make use of the influx of users who have this type of pages, which is increased in times close to Christmas.

Scams in the cryptocurrency trade have increased

CoinMarketCap has shown that scams in terms of cryptocurrencies have shown an increase of up to 200% in relation to transactions made during the last 24 hours, meaning a loss of approximately 30 billion dollars. Stable currencies are still the best way to protect you from the volatile market of cryptocurrencies.

Similarly reflects that the operation volume of 24 hours presented by USDC, evidenced an increase of 400% since the fall of Bitcoin which earned him the position among the 50 main cryptocurrencies worldwide in terms of market capitalization, is, for this reason, the main global trading platforms have begun to list the USDC.

FinTech Platforms by the hand of WBTC

In order to reduce costs and significantly reduce risks to increase existing financing for SMEs, the World Blockchain Trade Consortium (WBTC) was launched in Singapore. Its creation is based on the collaboration of important figures of the international financial world that will use the Invoice Check, an application developed by TFM of the blockchain, which works based on the existing workflows. It is expected that other distributed accounting technology tools (DLT) will be announced soon.

This will provide the possibility to cross-reference invoices using the registry before financing them, in a safe and reliable way of keeping all the data safe. This option had not previously been available to the general public.

Kraken boycotts Bitcoin Satoshi Vision tokens

Kraken is the 17th largest platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies according to the coinmarketcap ranking. The company has surprised its users by declaring that the accounts that, before the fork, have BitcoinsCash token will be attributed with Bitcoin Satoshi Vision tokens.

The decision to create an alliance between Kraken and Bitcoin ABC has generated discontent in many of its users. However, the company has declared that this alliance is partial and ensures that everyone will have a guarantee of their bifurcated tokens. Kraken’s spokesman said that users “made the right decision”; a position that is opposed to the general opinion of users who believe it was a hasty decision.

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Ali Raza is finance editor at TheOofy. He is a journalist with experience in web journalism and digital marketing. Ali holds a master degree in finance and enjoys writing about cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies, and technology.