BCH Hard Fork Supported Exchanges: Markets Supporting the Bitcoin Cash Fork

A bit more than a year after Bitcoin Cash appeared as a hard fork product derived from Bitcoin chain, Bitcoin Cash is going through another fork.

This time, the fork is caused by some major disagreements between the two teams previously representing the driving force behind BCH.

As Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV couldn’t find a mutual interest in working together on Bitcoin Cash, starting hash wars, the teams decided to get to another fork this time splitting the network in two.

That is how BCH went through a fork on November 15th, which split the chain in two and resulted in new currencies.

In the meanwhile hard fork transition is still in progress as Bitcoin Cash is touching new lows from day to day; so many BCH holders are wondering which exchanges are supporting the fork.

BCH Hard Fork Supported Exchanges: Which Exchange Markets Are Offering Support for Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is truly going through a rough patch in the past several weeks, especially with the latest dips taking over the market starting from November 15th.

While BCH had an amazing momentum in the market with collecting over 50% of gains in only several days and approximately 10 days before the hard fork date climbing to 620$, the cryptocurrency declined to its current price of 199$ in less than three weeks.

BCH has officially touched its lowest price for 2018 and it is obvious that the crypto will for now continue to dip, potentially going towards a complete devaluation as BCH is dropping by -45% in a single day.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Today – BCH / USD

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Some of the major exchanges that are supporting BCH hard fork are Poloniex, Coinbase, Binance, and HitBTC, but there are other exchanges joining the list of BCH hard fork supported exchanges.

Huobi also announced their support for BCH hard fork, and with this exchange, more exchanges joined to offer their support during the transition.

That is how Bitcoin Cash hard fork is also supported by BitBank, BitForex, Upbit, Digifinex, Coinsuper, OKEx, GDAC, Upbit, BitPanda, BitGo and ViaBTC, while BitPay announced their support for Bitcoin ABC.

It seems that the current hard fork had left many investors dissatisfied since BCH had now gone below 200$, losing almost -50% of its value in a single day.

Bitcoin Cash Heads to a Complete Devaluation Days after the Fork

Bitcoin Cash dropped by -45% in a single day as the hard fork is becoming more official day by day, Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) is a hard fork product minted from BCH chain and is currently dropping by nearly -40% too.

So, it seems that the hash wars are not paying out after all, at least for now.

Bitcoin Cash also lost its long-held spot of the fourth largest currency with the latest dip, so now Stellar Lumens (XLM) has the honor of being ranked as the fourth top crypto in the market.

It is expected that more and more investors and holders will be selling their BCH units on the exchanged supports with the exception for those exchanges that had disabled all operations regarding BCH, like Poloniex for instance.


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