BitClave (CAT) Review: Decentralized and Personalized Advertising with CAT

BitClave was specially designed in order to change the face of the advertising industry as we know it.

The advertising industry is one of the leading, weighing over 500 billion dollars when summed up in all available services within the industry, however, blockchain-projects like BitClave are able to identify some major problems in centralized advertising.

That is why BitClave was made to represent a centralized blockchain-based project with a tendency of connecting various businesses with users without including the middleman in the equation.

Here are some benefits that BitClave is offering as it is aiming to disrupt the centralized advertising as we know today.

What is BitClave and How Does it Work?

BitClave is a decentralized blockchain-based project, created to bring radical changes to the advertising industry where major companies like Google and Facebook are dictating trends and holding dominance.

BitClave is working through an ecosystem which also represents a solution for connecting businesses and users, called BASE.

BASE is abbreviated from BitClave Active Search Ecosystem, which allows users to connect with various businesses, that way utilization the real value of any content.

Not only that BASE and BitClave allow you to expel the middleman from the equation when it comes to advertising, but it allows you to control your data, keeping it safe and secure unlike the case with Facebook.

How Can You Benefit from BitClave?

Besides from offering decentralized solutions in form of its BASE network, BitClave is enabling fast payments and microtransactions through its ecosystem with CAT currency being the native token of the network.

Alongside fast microtransactions, BitClave allows for safe and secure data storage for its users, and by cutting the mediator between the user and a given business, the network is also reducing costs of advertising.

Cryptographic security is responsible for the utmost safety of the BASE ecosystem, so users can freely search for and target their demographic audiences while earning a profit based on the searches of their audience.

Just as businesses can advertise for less money, users can earn in exchange for their activities, which means that every time you view the advertisement, you get paid for it.

BitClave BASE Network: If Google Were Paying Its Users…

Imagine if every time that you go to Google search engine, you get paid. Sounds great and probably too good to be true.

BitClave allows its users to get paid through the search application that BASE represents.

But, what is probably the most relevant thing about BASE is that you will never get random ads in exchange for what you are looking for as it can be the case with centralized search engines.

That means that all advertisements created within the BitClave ecosystem are specially intended for separate targeted audiences, always listing the most relevant, personalized ads that take users where they intend to go.

Businesses can even hire experts at low and fair rates. These experts create smart contracts, which further enable personalized and effective advertising that bring the highest value, both for businesses and users.


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