Bitcoin Cash Prediction: What Will Happen to BCH?

Bitcoin Cash community appears to be utterly disappointed; some might even feel angry or agitated with the way things turned out at the end after the hard fork that BCH went through several days ago.

Due to major disagreements between Bitcoin ABC team and Bitcoin SV team, Bitcoin Cash split in two, and as far as the investors and holders concerned, no one seems to be coming out of this situation as a winner.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Today – BCH / USD

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

This is the case because BCH is seen in a horrific dip with losing -45% of its value at one point on November 20th, while it is currently showing -33% of losses now priced at 236$.
At one point BCH was recording the price of 199$, which was at the same time the lowest BCH had seen in 2018.

Now that Bitcoin Cash is representing the Bitcoin ABC implementation and Bitcoin SV lives on separately as a brand new currency minted from the chain, what will the future of Bitcoin Cash be like?

Bitcoin Cash Prediction: Will BCH End Up at Zero Value at this Point or Acquire a Rebound?

Bitcoin Cash started out in November under more than benevolent terms, as BCH was able to acquire around 50% in less than a week.

It was considered originally that the bull run was the consequence of the expected hard fork that was scheduled for November 15th, but it was soon evident that BCH was going towards some major losses.

At the beginning of November, in around 6 days, BCH was able to break the resistance of 600$ easily starting from the price of around 420$, however it soon started to decline, dipping towards touching new lows.

At one point BCH was seen at the value of under 200$, now being traded at 236$ per one BCH unit.

There are even some indications that imply that BCH is heading towards the value of zero, but many would bear to disagree as there is a strong sentiment among BCH holders and a portion of investors that believe in the new implementations of Bitcoin ABC.

While Bitcoin SV makes a newly minted currency representing a hard fork product of the split BCH chain, Bitcoin Cash is said to represent the latest implementation of Bitcoin ABC.

Is Bitcoin Cash Going Down to Zero by the End of 2018?

BCH lost over -54% of its value in the course of the last seven days, losing -93% of its value since reaching its all-time high around 10 months ago.

That being said, things don’t appear to be in favor of Bitcoin Cash at the moment.

That is how based on its previous performance there are some indications that BCH might go under 200$ once again at the end of December, touching the value of 190$.

Furthermore, it is predicted that BCH might probably enter the next year of 2019 at the price of under 100$, all based on its current performance and the negative market dips that brought the prolonged market dip.

However, it is expected to see BCH collecting more significant gains already in 2020 the latest with a potential of going over 300$ once again.

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