OKEx Seeks Investor for New Program

According to a press release, the crypto money exchange shown among the world’s largest companies, OKEx is launching an investment program called ” Prime Investors”(Priority Investors).

The program will start today. The aim of the program is to create a platform that brings together professional entrepreneurs and blockchain projects with “high qualities”.

OKEx is currently looking for experienced investors in the blockchain investment to ensure the quality of the project and minimize the investor’s risk of investment. OKEx said, “With their help, we can boost the robust development of our ecosystem and advance our global expansion plan ”

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The investment options offered by the investors in the program will be prioritized in the OKEx listing committee and will be proposed for listing in partnerships such as OKCoin Korean / International .

Investors will also be able to benefit from the “privileged club” where they have a say in their OKEx listing decisions and hang out with each other.

You need to have 0.5 million OCD tokens to be one of the privileged investors in the program.The OKEx tokens were sold in March 2018 as ‘packages’ from 66 to 100 , and their value was about $ 100 . Tokens can be cleared with Bitcoin , Ethereum and Tether , as well as for transaction fees on OKEx.

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OKEx intends to find 20-30 people for this program.

OKEx is the second largest cryptographic exchange on the planet with more than $ 2 billion daily trading volume. Although the original origin is China, it currently has an international position, including places like Belize and Hong Kong .

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