Zilliqa Continues to Increase It’s Recognition

Zilliqa is not a well-known coin name in the crypto industry. However, this situation has reversed since it has become one of the two to surge in the market within the last couple of days.

Zilliqa, one of the most popular coins in the last 24 hours of May 9th, has experienced a 13.19% increase in one day. The second coin Binance Coin has only surged at a rate of 2.51%.

It’s not just a 24-hour situation, but rather the one-week performance of the coin draws more attention. The Zilliqa’s 7 days average, which tops the list on the weekly basis among the top 25 coins in the CoinMarketCap, is currently surging at 46.40%. The most interesting part is that this percentage is four times larger than the other 24 cryptocurrencies that are listed.

IOTA is the only other cryptocurrency that has risen the most in a week with Zilliqa.

IOTA, which has experienced a 11.39% increase, is now on the decrease to a rate of 6.39%. This makes it difficult for IOTA to keep its double digit surge.

The surge increase in Zilliqa brought the price to $0.160988 from $0.10 a week ago. Coin’s transaction volume also showed a significant increase in this period, exceeding to $1.1 billion. Zilliqa is currently 100 million dollars away to be able to climb to the 22nd place from its current rank of 23rd.

Of course, speculations have begun naturally after its increase in the market. The company has indicated that there is not a plan for launching Zilliqa Airdrop on its agenda in any way. The company warned its users of any attempts to gain their passwords and other privacy details in the name of Zilliqa Airdrop are false and should not be paid any attention. The company particularly asked the investors not to share their wallet keys or stock market passwords with anyone.

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