Crypto Game Equips Warriors with Multi-Blockchain Arms

Oxwarriors employs the EOS blockchain and Ethereum (ETH) blockchain to provide best sword and shield for players regardless of which token held by player.

Crypto game developer OxGames has announced the development of its new multi-blockchain battler, OxWarriors. According to a press release by the company, the game was developed to bring about interactions of different blockchains.

As one of the first of its kind, the game will employ the EOS and ETH blockchains which with due interactions will equip players with the necessary items to battle. The EOS blockchain is to provide the players with a sword and the ETH, with a shield.

OxWarriors to be First Launched on the EOS Blockchain

With the EOS blockchain to provide the sword to gamers, the company explained that the platform will be first destination for the game. The company further state that the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain platform will be the next destination after which both platforms will be linked together.

According to company, the game is a “true approach to multi blockchain” and will serve to bridge the gap between the player base and users. This, as explained by the company, is because most multi-blockchain games developed mostly had no point of uniting the player base and users.

As such, there is no interaction or exchange of assets between gamers and users of the different platforms. With OxWarriors, however, the provision of the sword by the EOS blockchain would mean that ETH users who need the item can interact with EOS users.


The game is developed such that gamers can fight and exchange payable items with their respective digital assets. The players will get to take part in weekly tournaments which could be either public or private.

These tournaments are fashioned in a way that live streaming on platforms such as Twitch will be available. Three participants will be selected in the final round and rewarded with bonuses which could be a percentage of the revenue gained from the tournament.

A roadmap of the project is set to be launched by the company after its presale and has reportedly partnered with Asian-based crypto wallet, Meet.One to help expand the customer base of the game.

The game developer has also been reported to have partnered with TokenPocket, another crypto wallet, for further expansion of its user base.


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