When Can Ripple’s XRP Reach 10$?

Ripple’s XRP is known as one of the fastest currencies in the market, at the same time presenting one of the most controversial top cryptos by far.

Despite the rough November dips that brought an entire market to a severe dip nearly 10 days ago around November 14th and November 15th, XRP continued to grow, showing bullish signs despite the general negative market trends.

Within this bull run, XRP was able to collect some gains that are set to keep the crypto up as the second-largest currency in the market to where it got by having Ethereum touching new lows within the dipping market.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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Although Ripple’s XRP was able to progress outside the dip in the days after the dip first took place, we can see the crypto declining by over -7% in a single day with the latest wave of dips that came to the market.

However, despite the fact that XRP is dipping at the moment, many are expecting to see the crypto reaching new heights in the following months or years.

From its current value of around 0.41$, when can Ripple’s XRP reach 10$?

Can Ripple Reach 10$ per One Unit and if so, When?

Ripple’s currency showed a bullish return approximately a week ago in the midst of the dipping market, while XRP was able to get past Ethereum and acquire some serious gains only a day later.

Thanks to the latest bull run, even despite the present dip of over -7% for XRP, Ripple’s currency managed to keep a record of positive returns on its year to date chart, where the crypto is seen up by almost 70%.

On the other hand, top trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are showing major losses within the same timeframe.

That is how many believe that XRP will be able to acquire a more positive momentum in order to rise above the dips and get a hold of a more flattering value in the upcoming weeks.

The Price Pump Factor That Could Push Ripple’s XRP to 10$

Some are predicting that despite the state in the market, XRP will be able to get back close to its all-time high of over 3$, but the first milestone for XRP should definitely be 1$.

Once XRP gets above the value of 1$ per one unit, it will be a lot easier for the crypto to acquire more gains as more investors will follow once some serious progress is seen in the market.

That is how XRP could “easily” reach even the price of 10$.

However, it seems that XRP won’t be able to get past the value of 1$ and reach for 10$ in the following months in case the current market trends continue.

On the other hand, Ripple foundation is expecting to see more banks using XRP and xRapid in 2019, which could be a major price pump factor for XRP.

In case this case scenario takes place and more banks start using xRapid which demands XRP, the demand for the crypto will consequently increase, that way creating momentum to enable XRP to skyrocket towards higher values.

In the meanwhile, one has to note that the rise and fall of cryptos depend on multiple factors, one of these being unpredictable market trends.

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