Zebpay Publishes Ripple [XRP] – Tron [TRX]

Zebpay today announced that they will launch crypto to crypto trading for XRP tokens, and the first couple of them will be Ripple [XRP] – Tron [TRX] . Zebpay also announced the coming of the more commercial crypto-currency pair soon.

This new development came shortly after the Tron and EOS main network support announcement and listing on the stock market they did recently. They published the announcement with a tweet :

“EOS and Tron (TRX) are ERC20 tokens that run on Ethereum, but will soon migrate to their own blockchains. Zebpay is happy to announce full support for the both of these migrations.”

 Tweet personally handled by Justin Sun and received a personal thanks for the support of the stockbroker.

Zebpay is India’s largest crypto money market with increased security and support for different coins thanks to multi-signature wallets.

In April, they announced that they would start crypto money and crypto money commercial matching transactions on the announcement date, and it was said that the first application date is 2 May.

The spouses were like this:

  • Bitcoin Cash – Bitcoin
  • Litecoin – Bitcoin
  • Ripple – Bitcoin
  • EOS – Bitcoin
  • OmiseGO – Bitcoin
  • Tron – Bitcoin

The crypto allows the exchange of money from the currency to the crypto exchange with one crypto money. An important feature of this pairing is it reduces the need for smaller transactions by replacing crypto – parcels, which are partially low – valued, with each other. For example ; XRP trading at the press time is 0.66 and Tron is about 0.06 . These coin values ​​can be changed by 1:10 each other, which can allow Tron owners to directly convert crypto money values ​​to XRP.

The XRP token is a bridge currency used by Ripple to provide payment solutions that provide seamless and fast transfers. Tron is used as a decentralized application on the blockchain and the TRX is a valid structure.

Norman Smith commented on this announcement:

“Guys you are awesome. #xrp is much better to use than #btc :)”

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