As the Great Crash Of 2018 Continues, Cryptos Have Lost Almost US$700 Billion.

The great cryptocurrency crash of 2018 is heading for its worst week yet.

As of today, Bitcoin has now gone below US$4000 (NZ$5898) and on Friday, most of its peers tumbled, extending the decline of Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index since 16th November 16 to 23%. Since the crypto-mania peaked in the beginning of January, that has been the worst weekly slump.

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After last year’s epic rally that surpassed many of the most notorious bubbles in history, cryptos have become mired in an almost US$700 billion rout that indicates few signs of abating. Most concerns that led to the 2018 retreat – such as exchange snafus, community infighting and increased regulatory scrutiny – have only intensified.

Even after most virtual currencies saw losses exceeding 70%, Stephen Innes (head of trading for Asia Pacific at Oanda) does not see a strong evidence of a capitulation that would signal a market bottom. He said: “There’s still a lot of people in this game. If Bitcoin collapses, if we start to see a run down toward US$3000, this thing is going to be a monster. People will be running for the exits.”

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