iZettle to go for Europe’s biggest IPO in Fintech, with JPMorgan and Carnegie on their side

iZettle recently announced that it intended to launch IPO in order to raise SKr 2bn. It is intending to list on the NASDAQ exchange in Stockholm. The Fintech start-up is aiming to increase its turnover by at least 40% each and every year for the next 3 years.

JP Morgan and Carnegie

The coordinators of the company are JP Morgan and Carnegie. The company aims to increase the capital raising goal to SKr 10 billion. According to the Financial Times, the Fintech industry is growing at a rapid pace. Not just in Europe but all over the world, the Fintech industry is gaining a lot of impetus. This is the reason why investors are also looking to invest in the Fintech industry. Moreover, the consumers, as well as corporates, are interested in the offerings of the Fintech industry. This is the reason why it is able to expand at such a rapid pace.

To provide advanced analytics solution to smaller companies

According to experts in the Fintech industry, with the help of Fintech solutions, they are able to provide advanced analytics solution to smaller companies as well as larger companies. Due to this very reason, the size of the Fintech market is increasing at a rapid pace. This is the reason why the size of the whole market is expanding at a rapid pace. Moreover, the Fintech industry is serving newer and newer markets as well. The development of new products is also being done at the rapid pace.

Investor appetite for Fintech industry is pretty huge

As the investor appetite for Fintech industry is pretty huge, many of the Fintech start-ups are looking to raise money. With the help of this capital, they will be able to easily expand the newer markets. They will be able to invest in R&D as well. As a result, it will become much easier for them to provide better solutions to their consumers.

iZettle: First Fintech Company Looking For IPO in Europe

iZettle is the 1st of Fintech Company in Europe to look at raising money with the help of an IPO. Many Fintech companies are also looking at the ICO market to raise money as well. With this 1st IPO, Gates will be opened for the rest of the Fintech companies to raise a significant amount of capital as well.

If indeed, this company is able to raise the money it will be the 1st to Fintech start-up to hit the market. This will, in turn, increase the appetite of investors for other companies in the industry.

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