Verge (XVG) Price Prediction for 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2025: Will XVG/USD Fall Behind the Future Forecasts or Be the Shining Star of the Crypto Market?

Verge is seen in a drop once again since the cryptocurrency market had a chance to take a major rebound one day before on November 26th.

Even though the market was seen in a bullish return, positive market trends were of short life, appearing only in form of a brief bull run.

The next day when the entire market is going down once again, Verge (XVG) is dropping as well, falling by over -7% and trading at the value of 0.005$.

What is the future of XVG in the following months and years? Will XVG continue to drop or will it have a chance to take a massive rebound?

Verge (XVG) Price Prediction for 2018

Verge is dropping once again after a day marked in a rebound where all cryptocurrencies had their chance of taking a leap forward towards collecting new gains.

The positive trends in the market didn’t last for long, so the market started to drop once again pulling XVG down by -7% in less than 24 hours.

Additionally, XVG is seen in a drop on all charts, which includes the weekly chart that shows a major drop of -27% against the fiat in the last seven days for Verge.

Verge (XVG) Coin Price Today – XVG/USD

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Verge (XVG)

Verge also dropped nearly -98% against the dollar in the course of 10 to 11 months, which is the time since the crypto made it to its all-time high of 0.26$, now trading far from its record value.

At the current pace of growth, the minimal price for XVG in 2018 is said to be 0.02$ and the highest price would be 0.03$ in case Verge manages to acquire a positive momentum by the end of December.

Verge (XVG) Price Prediction for 2019

The minimal expected price for 2019 is 0.03$ and 0.02$ with the presumption that XVG will enter the next year at the price of 0.03$ as predicted for 2018.

Verge may gain more momentum in the market in case Token Pay (TPAY) seals the deal with the Munich bank, which should bring Verge to its debit card.

In that case, the greatest expected price for XVG would be 0.06$.

Verge (XVG) Price Prediction for 2020

In case Verge performs as described in 2019, the year 2020 could start for Verge at the price of 0.04$ per one unit.

XVG should then experience additional growth that could lead the crypto to the price of 0.07$ by the end of December.

Verge (XVG) Price Prediction for 2025

It is supposed that 2025 should already see more stable trends in the cryptocurrency market, which might allow XVG to at least get back to its all-time high by the end of 2025.

In 2021 the crypto should already reach the value of 0.09$, hopefully heading towards 0.1$ already at the beginning of 2022.

Gradually, in case the currency acquires the much-needed stability, XVG should have no problems with rising back up to its all-time high in the course of the next 6 years if not before.

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